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Charitable Principles: Teach Kids About Giving

One of the concepts I think very important to teach my son is that of giving. I want him to grow up sympathetic to others, and willing to help them. Giving to charity is one way that my son can give back, and learn how to think of others, and not just himself, or his… Continue Reading

Making Travel Fun and Educational for Your Kids

I love traveling, and I’m teaching my son to enjoy travel by including him in some of my adventures. But I don’t see travel just as a way to have mindless fun (although there’s nothing wrong with mindless fun). I also see it as a way to learn new things, whether it’s learning about local… Continue Reading

Could Your Parenting Style Ruin Your Marriage?

My husband and I have always been a little “off” when it comes to how we raise our son. When we lived in Utah, we were seen as unusual because we only have one child — and make no bones about the fact that it is our choice to stop there. We were further pegged… Continue Reading

How to Help Your Child Adjust to Middle School

Last week, my son started middle school. It’s a big change for him. Not only is he going to a new school, but he’s doing it in a new town and a new state. Back to school this year has been unlike anything else. However, we’re getting through it ok. In fact, compared to getting our… Continue Reading

7 Tips for Hiking with Your Kids

This summer is the “summer of hiking” for my son and me. We live in an area that features numerous outdoor activities, and that provide us with opportunities to enjoy nature. After enjoying a couple of hikes last year, my son decided that he wants to do more of it, and we have decided to… Continue Reading

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