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Dealing With a Return to Work After Maternity Leave

One of the issues that many women face after having a child is the return to work after maternity leave. Preparing financially for maternity leave is often the easy part. The hard part is figuring out how to navigate your workplace after you return from maternity leave. Challenges Facing Women on the Return to the Workforce… Continue Reading

How to Teach Your Kids to Eat a Varied Diet

“How do you get your son to eat that?” That’s something I’ve heard a lot in the last 12 years. Whether it’s Indian food, vegetables, or whatever else he’s eating, many of my fellow parents are amazed that my son almost never raises a fuss about his food, and he usually cleans his plate. So,… Continue Reading

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

The biggest gift-giving holiday, after Christmas, is Valentine’s Day. For many of us, it’s vital to purchase items for Valentine’s Day, even if you just get something small and simple. Don’t get caught empty-handed. Here are some Valentine’s Day gift ideas:   Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Her Make sure that you are prepared for… Continue Reading

Charitable Principles: Teach Kids About Giving

One of the concepts I think very important to teach my son is that of giving. I want him to grow up sympathetic to others, and willing to help them. Giving to charity is one way that my son can give back, and learn how to think of others, and not just himself, or his… Continue Reading

Making Travel Fun and Educational for Your Kids

I love traveling, and I’m teaching my son to enjoy travel by including him in some of my adventures. But I don’t see travel just as a way to have mindless fun (although there’s nothing wrong with mindless fun). I also see it as a way to learn new things, whether it’s learning about local… Continue Reading

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