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Could Using Guilt on Your Children Backfire?

It’s an age-old technique: If you want your children to behave, you lay on the guilt and shame. While guilt can be one way to help children learn appropriate behaviors, it’s not always the best method of teaching. In some cases, guilt crosses the line when we start using it to control behavior and make… Continue Reading

How Knowing Yourself Can Make You a Better Life Partner

I’ve had a lot of time for reflection recently, and I’ve wonder how my marriage could have turned out differently if I had really known myself at the outset. Of course, hindisght is, as they say, 20/20. But I got married fairly young, and I’m a different person than I was then (although many of… Continue Reading

Is “Active” Screentime Causing Problems in Your Kids?

When looking at technology, many of us are concerned about how screentime can affect us and our kids — especially our kids. Technology is rewiring our brains, and for kids, screentime, from surfing the Internet to playing video games, can have an even greater impact. After all, kids still have developing brains. In fact, the… Continue Reading

Teach Your Child to Use Technology Responsibly

Many parents today have concerns about the way their children use technology. This is understandable since many of us didn’t grow up completely immersed in technology. I still remember cassette tapes and have vague memories of a time before widespread Internet access. To my son, this is incomprehensible. Today’s children are digital natives. They’re growing… Continue Reading

3 Things Your Child Needs to Get Through Upheaval

It’s been an interesting year for me. There’s been a lot of upheaval in my life, and in the life of my son. My husband and I recently had to share some disappointing news with our son. However, because my husband has a Ph.D. in Psychology, he realized that we should probably consult with a… Continue Reading

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