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Earth Day: History and Ideas for Saving the Earth Each Day

“The world is a fine place, and worth fighting for.” — Ernest Hemingway We just finished celebrating Earth Day on April 22. Earth Day was instituted as a way to bring awareness to the fact that there was little environmental regulation. Earth Day was created in spring of 1970, and it has been celebrated every… Continue Reading

Evolution of the Modern Japanese Toilets – TEDxTokyo

Japanese Toilets are a marvel of technology combined with practical application. Morinosuke Kawaguchi is a Technologist and Futurist who recently gave a talk at TEDxTokyo talking about the modern Japanese Toilets and how the cultural sensitivity has impacted its design and continues to influence its evolution. Mr Kawaguchi’s recent book Otakude onnanoko na kuni no… Continue Reading

4 Technologies on the Verge of Extinction

Technological advances continue all the time, making our lives more convenient and entertaining. As we move forward, though, there is plenty of technology that will fall out of use and be relegated to the dust bin of history (or to the Smithsonian). Continue Reading

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