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How Do You Deal With Unexpected Life Upheavals?

The last few weeks have been unexpectedly difficult for my family and me. We’ve been experience a slow buildup of upheavals in our lives. The first upheaval was rather minor. I was sick and the infection moved to my ear, causing a rupture. This wasn’t a huge deal, but it did throw things off for… Continue Reading

Would You Rather Have Experiences or Things?

When figuring out what’s worth spending money on, it often comes down to whether you want to focus on experiences or whether you want to focus on things. Deciding what you value most can provide you with a way to make better money decisions that you are more likely to be happy with in the… Continue Reading

Five Ways to Ease the Transition to a Single Income Household

Transitioning from a dual income household to a single income one isn’t one of the easier changes you can make in your life. This is especially true if your lifestyle has been built on having two incomes. But there are ways to ease the transition to a single income household, if you implement them before the… Continue Reading

How Do You Define Prosperity?

Most of us want to be prosperous. However, when it comes time to define prosperity, all of a sudden things are a little less cut and dry. While there are attempts to quantify prosperity, the truth is that, for many of us, prosperity is all about point of view. Can You Define Prosperity in Numbers?… Continue Reading

Summer Meal Ideas for Keeping it Cool

During the winter, I really enjoy cooking. I’m happy to make soups, and turn on the oven for warm comfort foods. However, during the summer months, it’s suddenly no longer a good idea to turn on the stove or the oven. It’s too hot. During the summer, I’m all about a small amount of work,… Continue Reading

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