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Learning How to do Things with an Injured Hand

Almost two weeks ago I broke my wrist. It was so messed up that I needed surgery to put it back in place. Now there is a screw in my wrist and I have to wear a splint that makes my right hand close to useless for another four or five weeks. Because I am… Continue Reading

Shopping Review: Amazon’s Subscribe & Save

I like to exchange money for time. If I can pay a little extra, or find some way to automate certain chores, I will do it. This provides me with the ability to free up time to spend with friends and family, or work on things that are more important (and pleasant). One of the… Continue Reading

What are Your Favorite Thanksgiving Traditions?

My favorite holiday has long been Thanksgiving. To me, this is a holiday that’s all about family and food. What could be better? Every family has different Thanksgiving traditions, and it’s fun to add new traditions as you have your own family. This is a great time of year to remember your family, give thanks… Continue Reading

What Does Your ZIP Code Say About You?

One of the more interesting things I’ve learned about recently is the Esri ZIP Code Lookup (hat tip: BetaBeat). The idea is that Big Data can crunch the numbers and use your ZIP code to figure out some of your likely lifestyle habits. Back when I lived in a smallish town in Utah, I constantly received… Continue Reading

5 Tips for Settling Into a New Home

It’s been seven years since I had to settle into a new home, so my recent moving experience has been something of a challenge for me. And, really, it’s been nine years since I last had to deal with a life upheaval of this magnitude, since the move into my home was a cross-town move,… Continue Reading

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