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Does Leaving the Phone Behind Stress You Out?

A couple of weeks ago, I forgot my phone. I rushed out the door that morning, in a hurry because I was running behind for a presentation I was giving. I didn’t realize I’d left my phone until I arrived at my destination. It was much too late to think about returning for it. One… Continue Reading

5 Strategies for Battling the Mid-Afternoon Slump

Sometime between 1:30 and 2:00 pm, I start to drag. I feel tired and unfocused. It doesn’t matter whether I’m trying complete something for a client, whether I’m working on a special project of my own, or preparing to go to the grocery store. For many of us, battling the mid-afternoon slump is a real… Continue Reading

How Underemployment Can Impact Your Quality of Life

One of the things we sometimes neglect to think about when considering a career path is how important employment can be. While you might fight for your job as a way to provide for yourself and your family, there’s more to your work than the money you bring in. In fact, unemployment and underemployment can… Continue Reading

Is “Active” Screentime Causing Problems in Your Kids?

When looking at technology, many of us are concerned about how screentime can affect us and our kids — especially our kids. Technology is rewiring our brains, and for kids, screentime, from surfing the Internet to playing video games, can have an even greater impact. After all, kids still have developing brains. In fact, the… Continue Reading

How to Stop Your Bad Habits

We all find ourselves doing something that we wish we could stop. Bad habits can easily become parts of our lives, holding us back, or at least annoying us (and our loved ones). Whether it’s poor eating habits, smoking, or defaulting to watching TV all evening rather than devoting some time to family or to… Continue Reading

Dealing With a Return to Work After Maternity Leave

One of the issues that many women face after having a child is the return to work after maternity leave. Preparing financially for maternity leave is often the easy part. The hard part is figuring out how to navigate your workplace after you return from maternity leave. Challenges Facing Women on the Return to the Workforce… Continue Reading

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