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Learning How to do Things with an Injured Hand

Almost two weeks ago I broke my wrist. It was so messed up that I needed surgery to put it back in place. Now there is a screw in my wrist and I have to wear a splint that makes my right hand close to useless for another four or five weeks. Because I am… Continue Reading

Could Using Guilt on Your Children Backfire?

It’s an age-old technique: If you want your children to behave, you lay on the guilt and shame. While guilt can be one way to help children learn appropriate behaviors, it’s not always the best method of teaching. In some cases, guilt crosses the line when we start using it to control behavior and make… Continue Reading

Does Leaving the Phone Behind Stress You Out?

A couple of weeks ago, I forgot my phone. I rushed out the door that morning, in a hurry because I was running behind for a presentation I was giving. I didn’t realize I’d left my phone until I arrived at my destination. It was much too late to think about returning for it. One… Continue Reading

5 Strategies for Battling the Mid-Afternoon Slump

Sometime between 1:30 and 2:00 pm, I start to drag. I feel tired and unfocused. It doesn’t matter whether I’m trying complete something for a client, whether I’m working on a special project of my own, or preparing to go to the grocery store. For many of us, battling the mid-afternoon slump is a real… Continue Reading

Shopping Review: Amazon’s Subscribe & Save

I like to exchange money for time. If I can pay a little extra, or find some way to automate certain chores, I will do it. This provides me with the ability to free up time to spend with friends and family, or work on things that are more important (and pleasant). One of the… Continue Reading

How Underemployment Can Impact Your Quality of Life

One of the things we sometimes neglect to think about when considering a career path is how important employment can be. While you might fight for your job as a way to provide for yourself and your family, there’s more to your work than the money you bring in. In fact, unemployment and underemployment can… Continue Reading

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